Navigating the retail landscape today means understanding not just your products, but also the myriad ways customers can pay for them. As consumers lean more into flexible purchasing methods, Point of Sale (POS) financing has emerged as a significant disruptor, sparking endless opportunities for businesses worldwide. This blog post will delve into the fast-evolving Point of Sale financing market, cracking open exciting data and projecting its impressive growth statistics. Whether you are a retailer, consumer, or an avid market watcher, these insights will provide a fresh perspective on the evolving dynamics of this market and set the stage for anticipating future trends.

The Latest Point Of Sale Financing Market Size Statistics Unveiled

The global financing services market, to which point of sale financing belongs, was worth 137.5 billion USD in 2020.

Shining a spotlight on this compelling statistic reveals the sheer magnitude of the global financing services market, which, unsurprisingly, encompasses point of sale financing. With an astounding value of $137.5 billion USD in 2020, it becomes clear that this sector represents a force to be reckoned with.

Serving as a testament to the segment’s vastness, this figure also paves the way for an enriching discussion about the point of sale financing market size. Understanding its portion in the larger scope can not only provide critical insights into the current landscape but also offer glimpses into potential trends and future growth. Therefore, it becomes a vital springboard from which to dive deeper into the complexities and intricacies of the point of sale financing market.

The annual growth rate of the financing market in 2020 was 6.6%.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the point of sale financing market, the annual growth rate of 6.6% in 2020 serves as a pivotal marker. It sheds light on the vitality and vigor of the market, representing the pace at which it’s expanding. It radiates positivity and potential for both investors and consumers seeking to use these financing services. The said growth rate is like a pulse, pumping out data that underlines the healthiness of the market. In the grand narrative of the point of sale financing market, this growth rate is a crucial chapter, narrating the tale of a prospering industry ready to propel into the future.

The point of sale finance industry accounted for 27% of the total number of loans in the United States in 2019.

Undeniably, the statistic highlighting that the point of sale finance industry accounted for 27% of the total number of loans in the United States in 2019 is a striking punctuation in the narrative of the point of sale financing market size. In the myriad of numbers and data that floods the financial sector, this figure serves as a beacon, illustrating the scale and significance of this burgeoning industry within the economy’s fabric.

Representing over a quarter of all loans, this data point illuminously spotlights how integral point of sale financing has become in facilitating commerce in the United States. Not only does it signify the sector’s growing strength, it also subtly underscores the market’s potential capacity for future growth and the opportunities it presents to lenders and investors alike. The statistic, thus, furnishes a bold perspective to assess the market landscape better and reaffirm the importance of point of sale financing in the financial and economic discourse.

The global point of sale financing market is expected to reach $1.82 trillion in 2024, at a CAGR of 14%.

The prophetic announcement of the global point of sale financing market swelling to an astounding $1.82 trillion by 2024, charging forth at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14%, is akin to a clarion call commanding attention. This numerical narrative, composed from a symphony of market trend observations, aptly underlines the exponential growth of this industry. It tells a tale of a market galloping forward on the back of innovative service offerings, cementing its place as a high-stakes player in the financial landscape. It provides the mind’s eye with a solid picture of the industry’s potential, making it an essential cog in the wheel of any comprehensive blog post dissecting point of sale financing market size statistics.

Europe dominates the point of sale financing market with a share of 37% in 2019.

Unveiling an interesting facet of the point of sale financing landscape, the striking presiding position of Europe, claiming 37% of the market in 2019, offers invaluable insight. In the midst of drafting an engaging blog post on market size statistics, this information serves as a powerful tool. It illuminates not only the geographic distribution of the market but also affords readers a peek into the competitive dynamics at play.

With Europe reigning supreme, brands and investors would find this useful in tailoring their expansion strategies or investment decisions. Furthermore, it prompts investigation into what makes Europe such a strong player. Is it tied to consumer behaviour, cutting-edge technology, regulatory frameworks or sheer market size? Delving into these queries can provide a comprehensive understanding of the market’s structure, growth drivers and potential challenges.

In summary, incorporating the fact that Europe owns 37% of the 2019 market share offers more depth and dimension to your blog post, adding a tang of reality while providing readers with a holistic overview of the point of sale financing market.

Banks account for over 90% of the total point of sale financing value.

Perusing this dazzling statistic that banks account for over 90% of the total point of sale financing value reveals a profound insight into the vibrant pulse of the point of sale financing market. The powerful role banks wield in this sphere, underscored by that figure, sheds light on their influence as the controlling and pivotal mainstay shaping the industry’s landscape.

Given the colossal, 90% contribution by banks, it would be impossible to grasp the panorama of the point of sale financing market size without acknowledging their existence as the formidable ringmasters. This statistic alone acts as a barometer for potential investors, business strategists and market analysts, helping them decode where the substantive control lies and where the market might be headed.

Hence, this figure stands as a Lighthouse guiding us through the intricate dynamics of the point of sale financing market, providing an overture to further explore, understand, and master the finer intricacies and simmering trends of this vast economic ocean.

The auto sector accounted for around 50% of the total POS financing loan disbursement in 2019.

This particular stat casts a spotlight on how heavily the auto sector leans on POS financing, making up roughly half of all loan disbursements in 2019. Within the context of a blog post focused on point of sale financing market size, this statistic highlights the sector’s potency and centrality in the POS financing landscape. The prevalent reliance of such a major industry on this type of financing underscores the immense sphere and potential of the POS financing market, consequently inviting prospective participants to consider the market’s extensive opportunities. It also allows readers to comprehend the depth to which certain sectors resort to this financing method, thereby chalking out a blueprint of how the market is distributed among different sectors.

United States held 78% share of the North American point of sale financing market in 2020.

Drawing attention to the substantial proportion of 78%, it signifies that the United States remarkably dominates the Point of Sale financing market in the North American region. With the majority share in 2020, it exemplifies the significant role the United States plays in the market dynamics, trends, and overall growth in the field of point of sale financing. Therefore, this focus on US prominence acts as a pivotal cornerstone in understanding the North American market landscape while overviewing the Point of Sale financing market size statistics.

Approximately 25% of American consumers reported using point of sale financing for goods or services in 2021.

Highlighting the prevalence of point of sale financing usage among American consumers, with nearly a quarter of them reporting its utilization for goods or services in 2021, is indicative of this financial service’s growth and acceptance. This intriguing statistic isn’t just a number; it’s a clear signal of a shifting paradigm in consumer behavior. In context, it illustrates the increasing popularity and relevance of point of sale financing among consumers, thereby underlining its swelling market size and potential for further expansion. Therefore, this numeric revelation becomes a compelling picture of the evolving financial landscape in America. It acts as a beacon, guiding market players while simultaneously piquing the curiosity of prospective investors and businesses alike, as they navigate the populous sea of point of sale financing market.

The dominance of Gen Z and Millennials in the usage of POS financing option is expected to drive the growth of this market with a forecast of 40% usage by 2025.

Within the context of a blog post highlighting the point of sale financing market size statistics, this statistic offers an intriguing perspective. The forthcoming influence of Gen Z and Millennials on this market cannot be overstated. Their predilection towards POS financing, which is expected to morph into a massive 40% usage by 2025, is instrumental in signifying forthcoming shifts in consumer behavior and technology adoption.

This insight not only highlights the demographic trends shaping the future of the POS financing industry but also sets a roadmap for players in the market, guiding them on where to focus their strategies. More so, it underscores the potential for substantial growth in the industry, painting a clear picture that companies need to adapt their services to cater to this demographic to stay competitive and capture this wave of market growth. Thus, this ‘40%’ is not merely a number, but a neon sign pointing towards a significant sector of the population, whose choices and preferences will, in no small part, shape the landscape of the POS financing market in the not-so-distant future.

It’s projected that by 2028, POS finance payments will hold a share of over 19% in the global e-commerce payments market.

Forecasting a significant increase in the market share of POS finance payments to 19% by 2028 sheds light on a powerful transformation within the global e-commerce payments landscape. Examining these numbers, the prominence of this burgeoning sector becomes evident, proving that POS financing is evolving from a niche, alternative payment method to a mainstream e-commerce tool. Notably, this projection offers a strategic compass for businesses planning to navigate the e-commerce and POS finance ecosystems. For readers keeping a pulse on market size statistics, this stat paints a picture of massive potential and untapped opportunities in the point of sale financing space.

The UK point of sale finance lending was valued at £25.7 billion in 2019, an increase of 7.7% from 2018.

Delving into the world of point of sale financing market size statistics, it’s intriguing to spotlight the UK lending scenario in this sector. In the year 2019 itself, the market valuation for UK point of sale finance lending escalated to a strapping £25.7 billion. This figure not just stands tall in itself, but also indicates a significant 7.7% climb from the numbers posted in 2018. This trend serves as a telling marker of the burgeoning market and the spiralling demand for this type of financing model within the UK. As a seer of financial trends, this upward climb suggests a thriving market which holds value for both lenders and borrowers, thus forming a relevant benchmark for future projections.


In conclusion, understanding the market size and dynamics of point of sale financing becomes critical for businesses aiming to keep pace with the evolving retail landscape. The impressive growth in this sector reflects the shifting consumer preference towards flexible payment options, which businesses need to accommodate for sustained growth. The statistics discussed clearly demonstrate the importance of integrating such financing options, as they can directly impact customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention. As the point of sale financing market continues to expand, businesses that strategically align themselves with this trend will have an undeniable edge. Stay adaptive, integrate point of sale financing, and you’re all set to capture a larger slice of this thriving marketplace.


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