Unveiling the remarkable world of digital patronage, Patreon has successfully created a unique platform that connects creators with their most devoted fans. But what are the numbers saying? How are Patreon’s user statistics shaping up to interpret the real story of this burgeoning platform’s impact? This blog post embarks on an enlightening journey to explore and dissect Patreon’s user statistics. We will delve into user behaviors and consumption patterns, most successful creators, and the future projection of this revolutionary platform’s growth. Understand the true narrative beneath sheer numbers and get an insider’s view of both sides – the creators and patrons – in this engaging exploration. So, whether you’re a current Patreon user, potential member, or just curious about the data behind one of the rapidly-growing digital platforms, this analysis has a lot to offer.

The Latest Patreon User Statistics Unveiled

Patreon went from having 50,000 active creators in 2017 to more than 200,000 in 2021.

Undeniably, the compelling growth of Patreon from 50,000 active creators in 2017 to over 200,000 in 2021 represents an enlightening narrative of the platform’s expanding influence. This incredible surge illuminates not only the substantial increase in trust among creators in Patreon as an effective monetization platform, but also indicates its pivotal role in empowering the modern creator economy. Moreover, it underscores the burgeoning trend of content creators seeking to build direct relationships with their audience – a paradigm shift from relying on traditional advertising-based revenue models. As such, this statistical crescendo serves as a vibrant testament to Patreon’s ascendance and its potential trajectory in the creative world.

At the end of 2019, Patreon had over 150,000 active creators.

Highlighting that Patreon boasted over 150,000 active creators by the close of 2019 paints a vivid picture of its influencer space. Not only does this do justice to the platform’s popularity, but it also helps underline its effectiveness as a tool for creatives. By focusing on this figure, we further shed light on the significant creator community that has found Patreon to be an empowering tool of choice. It undeniably signals a stronghold for creators, additionally hinting at the extensive array of content accessible to patrons worldwide. This kind of thriving ecosystem isn’t just beneficial for creators, but it also provides immense value to subscribers, affirming Patreon as a robust hub of creativity and support.

There were more than 6 million active patrons on Patreon as of 2021.

Reflect for a moment on this dazzling bit of intelligence: as of 2021, Patreon was bustling with over six million active patrons. Now, why does this hold sway over the narrative in a blog post hovering around Patreon user statistics? Well, for one, it sets up the scale of the Patreon universe. It paints a picture of a replete community that is continuously expanding, underscoring the platform’s escalating success in attracting, retaining and satisfying a significant number of patrons. Furthermore, it signals the immense potential for content creators to tap into this burgeoning audience base, opening up possibilities for richer engagements and revenues. This influential piece of data, hence, acts as a beacon, guiding us through the labyrinth of Patreon’s noteworthy growth and vibrancy.

Patreon gains an average of 35,000 new creators every month.

The impressive growth rate of 35,000 new creators flocking to Patreon each month paints a vivid picture for anyone tracking the platform’s meteoric rise. It signals the increasingly mass appeal of Patreon, hinting at its efficacious blend of user-friendly features, supportive community, and lucrative earning opportunities. Within the frame of crafting a successful blog, this figure serves as a potent narrative tool. It speaks to the platform’s dynamism, accentuating the continuous influx of creativity, exchange of diverse ideas, and the unceasing prospects for innovation – all bright spots that continue to mark Patreon’s market dominance.

Approximately 57% of Patreon’s users are from the US, according to Hypebot in 2020.

In the grand mosaic of Patreon user statistics, the colorful tile that stands out is the one reflecting an unmistakable American dominance. Hypebot’s 2020 insights paint a picture where around 57% of all Patreon users hail from the US. This inkling of Americana ascendance is not only an intriguing finger on the global pulse of platform usage, but it’s also a critical beacon guiding content creators towards a deeper understanding of their primary audience. Geographical grasp goes hand in hand with successful content marketing strategies, and knowing that more than half of the platform’s users reside in the US can significantly impact the tailoring of content, timing of release schedules, and even the understanding of user behavior and feedback.

In 2020, Patreon creators collectively earned over $1 billion.

With an accumulated income soaring past a whopping $1 billion in 2020 alone, Patreon creators have truly painted a masterpiece of financial success. This sensational feat sheds light on the enormous financial potential that waits to be unlocked on the platform. Providing a resounding testament to the community’s creative energy and monetary value, the billion-dollar revelation stands as a beacon for potential creators to come on board, whilst encouraging existing ones to remain and further their endeavors. Undeniably, this significant leap in earnings is indicative of a growing nexus between passion and profit, making Patreon a far more appealing platform to channel creativity.

As of 2019, Patreon reported that the average successful creator made $90 a month.

In the course of exploring Patreon user analytics, the notable statistic that the average successful creator earned $90 a month in 2019 unfurls an intriguing narrative. It provides a yardstick against which aspiring creators can gauge potential earnings and set realistic expectations. Furthermore, it underscores the potency of crowdfunding, establishing Patreon as a viable platform for artists to monetize their passion. This figure also stimulates a conversation about the concept of success in the sphere of independent content creation, offering insights into the kind of financial fruits that creators’ labors can yield.

Among all creators, 2% make more than $1,150 per release on Patreon.

Dipping into this exciting potpourri of Patreon user statistics, the number might seem minuscule, or maybe even inconsequential, yet it provides a staggering reflection on the substantial earning potential within Patreon. Peering past the sheer surface of this percentage, it highlights a striking reality: a select, yet industrious 2% of creators on the platform excel in making more than $1,150 per release. This serves as an eye-opening proclamation of possibility and financial prosperity for creators on Patreon, a riveting crescendo that hits home for aspiring creators navigating the hustle, hoping to catapult their creative pursuits into substantial revenue streams. This statistic is an alluring siren call, a testament to the fact that a place in that coveted 2% realm—while requiring dedicated effort—is entirely achievable. So, for every dreamer on the verge of launching their creation onto Patreon, this illuminating figure isn’t merely a statistic— it’s a beacon of hope in the bustling Patreon universe.

55.1% of creators had fewer than 10 patrons, according to 2020 data from Graphtreon.

The revelation that over half of the creators on Patreon, exactly 55.1% as per 2020 Graphtreon data, support their imagination and innovation with a modest tribe of fewer than 10 patrons paints an intriguing picture. It provides evidence of a largely unexplored terrain where the bulk of creators are still in the infancy of growing their audiences. This highlights the immense potential for new patrons while indicating the importance of robust strategies and efforts in building a substantial patron base. Therefore, this compact statistic serves as a vital pulse check on the current health of patronage and the untapped opportunities awaiting creators, potential patrons, and the platform itself.

Around 2% of creators earn monthly incomes of $1,150 and above from payments processed by Patreon.

Highlighting that a small fraction of creators, notably 2%, generate incomes over $1,150 each month from Patreon underscores the robust financial potential that platforms like Patreon hold. Through this measure, it resonates with the narrative of blossoming economic opportunities in such digital landscapes, while mirroring the innate challenge of the same – only a choicest few achieve these high earnings. Framing it within the Patreon user statistics gives readers a more rounded perspective of success rate, mitigating unrealistic expectations while inspiring ambitions amongst potential or current users.

In 2020, only 800 of around 200,000 creators made a wage at or above US federal minimum wage on Patreon.

Illuminating the stark reality, the figure— ‘In 2020, only 800 of around 200,000 creators made a wage at or above US federal minimum wage on Patreon’— holds a mirror up to the challenging financial landscape of Patreon. It gives perspective to the precarious financial position many creators find themselves in, triggering crucial reflection on the sustainability and stability of earnings in these creative platforms. Placed within a blog post on Patreon user statistics, this nugget of information prompts thought-provoking discourse on how to better support creators reliant on this platform for livelihood. Besides, it provides a grounded framework for potential creators assessing income opportunities, underscoring the imperative need for balanced optimism and pragmatic planning.

There are 17 categories creators can select for their page, with Gaming ranking the first with 24.19%.

In the thrilling ecosystem of Patreon, the statistic serves as an intriguing compass pointing out the hierarchy of creator categories. The crown jewel sits atop the Gaming category, commanding a substantial portion of 24.19%. This prominence of gaming on the platform signifies the power and appeal it holds, making it a lighthouse for incoming creators. It sends them a potent message: If your craft aligns with the realm of gaming, you might be sailing towards a lucrative harbor. This data nugget is instrumental in shaping strategies of existing Patrons while simultaneously directing the compass for new onboarders.

In 2021, more than 50000 creators earned over $18000 in a year.

In the bustling realm of Patreon, a land teeming with creators brimming with passion and flair, the statistic of over 50,000 creators surmounting the $18,000 earnings mark in 2021 shines as a beacon of success. It weaves a tale of prosperity believed to be out of reach by many, yet achieved by a significant number of artists and creators. It paints a persuasive picture of financial viability, powering the dreams of artists and creators eager to carve out their unique niche. Hence, it’s an undeniable testament to Patreon’s power as a creative marketplace and the gumption and tenacity of its creator community.

The number of new Patrons joining the platform per week was up 150% in March 2020 compared to the previous month due to the pandemic.

From a prism of patron user analytics, the 150% hike in new Patrons joining weekly in March 2020 as a result of the pandemic is extremely illuminating. It underscores the pivotal role that global issues can play in shaping user behavior online, especially on a crowdfunding membership platform like Patreon. Furthermore, it punctuates the well-established narrative that periods of crises and uncertainty often provoke a surge in popularity for digital platforms which offer alternative revenue streams for creators. Audiences leaning towards such platforms, to actively support their favorites essentially embodies the sense of community and unity, making the platform more attractive and viable for future users. This surge of figures definitively strengthens Patreon’s reputation, impressively demonstrating its capacity to accommodate such monumental increases in user activity within a short time frame.

About 3.66 million people are expected to pledge money to Patreon in 2021.

The significance of an anticipated 3.66 million people committing their funds to Patreon in 2021 unravels a compelling narrative for a blog post on Patreon user statistics. This robust figure serves as a barometer, indicating a conducive climate for creatives and content creators using old and new media. The promise of this number creates not only a sense of momentum but also introduces us to an expanding frontier of prospective patrons. It underscores an accelerating trend of direct support for creators, painting a vivid picture of a burgeoning market and community on the platform. So whether you’re a creator gauging your potential or a new patron considering joining the fray, this statistic is a beacon, illuminating the expansive and diverse ocean of people who have embraced this more intimate means of supporting creativity.

Patreon saw a 14% growth in creator earnings in first half of 2020.

The spotlight shone on the 14% surge in creator earnings on Patreon in the first half of 2020, forming an indispensable part of the narrative about Patreon user statistics. This statistic is a testament to Patreon’s expanding influence in the world of online content creation, asserting its role as a significant income stream for creators and artists worldwide. The ripple effect of this burgeoning growth is felt not only by individual creators but also within the broader creative economy, delivering a compelling narrative of resilience and adaptation in a time of global upheaval.

Podcasts are the second most popular category on Patreon, with over 100,000 podcasters using the platform.

The revelation that Podcasts rank as the second most popular category on Patreon, involving over 100,000 podcasters, injects a new, vibrant energy into the narrative of Patreon user statistics. It’s akin to painting a picture of a bustling marketplace, teeming with content creators who opt for audio storytelling to engage their audience. For the consumers of this blog post, it decrypts the potential that the platform holds not just for patrons, but for people wanting to share their voice with the world. It’s not just an insightful datum, it’s a microphone check for aspiring podcasters, and an interesting chapter in the grand opera of Patreon’s contribution to the world of creativity.

The average Patreon user spends $12 per month supporting creators.

Painting a vivid picture of Patreon user behavior, the statistic that an average user disburses $12 monthly to support creators underpins the financial viability of this platform as a substantial revenue channel for creatives. This valuation articulates the fact that Patreon is not just a petri dish of cultural experimentation but a thriving economy of creativity that allows artisans to convert their passion into paychecks. It becomes crucial in shaping understanding about the financial dynamics of the platform, highlighting the earning potential for creators and affirming Patreon’s role as a viable source of financial patronage.

In 2020, Chapo Trap House (podcast) is the top creator on Patreon, with 32,874 patrons.

Highlighting this insightful fact underscores Chapo Trap House’s extraordinary achievement in utilizing Patreon optimally, serving as an encouraging benchmark for aspiring creators. The immense patron count of 32,874 in 2020 attests to their unique content resonating with a vast audience, reflecting effective use of this platform for revenue generation. Furthermore, understanding the popularity of certain genres like podcasts on Patreon can extract trends and staking interests of the subscriber base, crucial to a comprehensive study on Patreon user statistics. This evidence not only defines the landscape of digital creators but also shapes strategies for others striving for similar victories in the Patreon ecosystem.

Only 15 creators on Patreon earn more than $40,000 annually before taxes.

This significant piece of data serves as a reality check for those sailing into the Patreon sea with visions of gold. The fact that a mere 15 creators amass an annual income higher than $40,000 before taxes, illuminates the harsh truth about the economic disparity within the patronage platform. It underlines that only a tiny elite manages to crack the prosperity barrier, while the vast majority may struggle making a sustainable living. Hence, while discussing Patreon user statistics in a blog post, this statistic turns into a lighthouse, forcing future creators to navigate their course with more practical expectations and realistic targets.


Understanding Patreon user statistics is vital for creators looking to monetize their content effectively. These statistics provide deep insights into patron behavior, preferred content types, and the most profitable niches. Supporting creators can expect an immense growth by utilizing this data to enhance their Patreon strategy. The user statistics underscore Patreon’s potential for creators to create a sustainable income stream while connecting with their audience on a deeper level. It’s important for any creator to stay informed and adapt to the changing trends that these figures highlight. With the right strategies in place, one can navigate through the Patreon landscape and achieve successful outcomes.


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