In today’s digital era, data centers have emerged as the heart and brain of organizations, serving as the hub where all critical processes are managed and controlled. As these technological marvels continue to revolutionize various industries, the thirst for knowledge about their growth, development, and current standing has surged. This blog post endeavors to quench that thirst by delving into the intriguing world of global data center market size statistics. We’ll explore the splendid narrative of how the global data center market has evolved, charting significant milestones, analyzing key growth drivers, and estimating succinctly the future expectations. The journey into these depths of knowledge might just uncover insights that can not only illuminate your understanding but also shape your business strategy in the world where data is the new oil.

The Latest Global Data Center Market Size Statistics Unveiled

The global data center market size was valued at USD 161 billion in 2020.

Diving into the captivating universe of global data center market size statistics, it is enthralling to learn that its worth skyrocketed to a staggering USD 161 billion in 2020 alone. This towering figure, an economic colossus in its own right, paints a vivid picture of the meteoric rise and vital significance of data centers from a global standpoint. It illuminates the rapidly growing dependency and increased investment of businesses on data centers to ensure streamlined data management, cybersecurity, and IT operations. Simultaneously, it underpins the rapidly expanding digital revolution, forming an indispensable pillar in any discourse, discussion or blog post navigating the future predictions, growth potential, and influencing dynamics of the data center market.

The data center market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% from 2020 to 2025.

Diving into the depths of global data center market size statistics, we encounter a groundbreaking forecast: a projected CAGR of 10.4% from 2020 to 2025. This prediction transcends simple numbers, offering a crystal ball into the future of the data center industry. It emphasizes the momentum that this market sector is currently experiencing, and underscores the potential financial implications for investors, stakeholders, and companies within the industry. Guided by this statistic, readers can decipher market trends and navigate future opportunities and challenges in this rapidly expanding digital world. Quite simply, this 10.4% projected growth rate forms the heart of our conversation about data center market statistics, providing the pulse that drives our understanding forward.

North America constituted a market share of 38.5% in 2020 in the data center market.

Delving into the global data center market size, it’s intriguing to spotlight North America’s lion’s share of 38.5% in 2020. This powerhouse region confidently strides ahead, suggesting a robust tech infrastructure, widespread adoption of cloud services, and prevalent data center solutions. Amidst a worldwide panorama, this figure situates North America as a magnet of attention for enterprises aiming for data center investments. Retaining such a substantial slice of the market, North America beckons as an epicenter of data-centered growth and potential, significantly shaping the realms of business strategy, technology deployment, and economic activity.

The Asia Pacific data center market size will witness around a 6% growth rate by 2026.

Painting a vivid picture of the future, the predicted 6% surge in the Asia Pacific data center market size by 2026 underscores the rapid digital transformation in the region. The figure not only magnifies the burgeoning technological demand, but it also signifies Asia Pacific’s gradual yet noticeable emergence as a prominent player in the global data center industry. Amid a blog post about global data center market size, this statistic offers an insightful vista into geographical variations, giving readers a comprehensive oversight into the global scenario, while specifically shedding light on the intensifying pace in this region. Simply put, it is a numeric narrative of Asia Pacific’s evolving and pivotal role in the worldwide data technology landscape.

The IT & Telecom sector accounted for over 30% of the global data center infrastructure market share in 2020.

Delving into the intricate dynamics of the global data center market, this uplifting percentage of over 30% involving IT & Telecom operations strikes a compelling narrative. It forms the lifeline of our analysis, projecting an era that saw the dominating thrust of these sectors etching a significant mark in the data center infrastructure market in 2020. These figures illuminate the correlation of the sectors’ growth momentum to the escalating expansion of the global data center ecosystem, providing an insightful peek into how this crucial industry vertically evolved and surged to become an economic powerhouse. Ultimately, it vivifies the magnitude of the IT & Telecom sectors’ footprint, setting the stage for high-stakes discussions about market trends, growth potentials, and future predictions in the blog post about the global data center market size statistics.

Hyperscale data centers occupy over 50% share in the data center market.

This factoid envelops the essence of the evolving digital cosmos. It paints a vivid portrait of the global data center market, one where hyperscale data centers play the main character. Dominating over half the space, these giants underscore the tech market’s dynamics, underpinning our increasing reliance on elevated levels of data processing and storage. Their formidable presence adds to the narrative of advanced cloud services, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics that are rewriting the rules of our technosphere. Equipped with such knowledge, readers gain privileged insights into the scale and trajectory of data center market trends, enabling informed projections about future market evolutions.

The data center services market will witness a CAGR of over 16% by 2025.

The impressively high predicted CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 16% by 2025 offers a striking glimpse into the vibrant vitality and growth potential of the data center services market. This projected high-speed surge in expansion speaks volumes about how rapidly data center services are becoming an international necessity, rather than an optional resource. In the era of digitization, with data usage skyrocketing, the information paints an exciting tableau of an industry poised to not just enhance global digital storage capacities but also revolutionize the architecture of the digital world. If one imagines the global data center market as a pulsating digital heart, this statistic vividly underscores its expected throbbing rhythm over the next few years, fuelling the data-fueled, digital lifeblood of the 21st century.

The public cloud segment had over 45% market share in 2020, increasing the data center demand.

Highlighted in this statistic is a snapshot of an interesting shift in the technology landscape. As the public cloud segment commanded more than 45% of the 2020 market share, that expansion echoed across the world of data centers, significantly spurring their demand. Essentially, this underlines the deep interconnection existing between the cloud services and data center markets, where growth in one area becomes a direct catalyst for expansion in the other, adding a level of richness to our understanding of the trends within the global data center market size. By examining this statistic, we’re not just observing numbers, but capturing the dynamics of a rapid technological evolution.

Global shipments of data center servers were estimated at 11.4 million units in 2019.

Illuminating the magnitude of the data center market, the insightful figure of 11.4 million units being dispatched globally as server equipment in 2019 compels us to recognize the immense scale of operations and the critical role of data centers worldwide. This robust number is a striking testament to the rapid advancement in data generation and its subsequent storage requirements. Moreover, it signals the vigorous demand within the industry, helping us gauge market dynamics and offering a potential forecast into future trends. Excavating such figures from the archives of global trade paints a vivid narrative about the rampant growth within the field of information technology, thereby enriching the discourse centered on global data center market size statistics.

The data center UPS market size is expected to cross $8 billion by 2026.

Projecting such immense growth in the data center UPS market to cross $8 billion by 2026 paints a vivid picture of the increasing dependency on digital platforms and data storage worldwide. This projection punctuates the narrative of a global data center market that is thriving, evolving, and innovating with increasing urgency. The spurt in data center UPS market size signifies the escalating need for secure, uninterrupted power supply facilities to ensure the smooth functioning of data centers. This, in turn, underlines the growing importance of data centers in the contemporary world. Hence, this statistic stands as a dynamic cornerstone in a blog post dissecting the global data center market size, featuring not only as a crucial data point but also as a predictor of future trends.

In 2020, the average energy consumption per data center was about 7.6MW.

Diving headfirst into the exciting world of global data center market size, it’s imperative to illuminate a fascinating figure: the average energy consumption per data center in 2020 stood at an impressive 7.6MW. The magnitude of this figure becomes significant when considering it as a key narrative in the intricate tale of data centers. In fact, it’s akin to measuring the pulse of a data center, providing insights into their operational load, efficiency, and indirectly – their scale of operation. This figure also punctuates the dialogue around sustainability and energy efficiency, factors that have increasingly become central to the data center industry. It emphasizes the importance of developing advanced power management systems and may trigger a shift towards green data centers, addressing the increasing energy demand and environmental concerns. Thus, the plot thickens and the value of this statistic in mapping the global data center market landscape is undeniable.

The cloud segment led the global data center market with a share of 34.8% in 2020.

Digging into the crux of the global data center market landscape, a pivotal discovery unravels a story of dominance. In 2020, the cloud segment held a commanding 34.8% share in this bustling market arena, reigning supreme over other segments. This critical number illustrates the growing clout of cloud-based solutions in shaping the future of data centers globally, shedding light not only on contemporary trends, but also subtly hinting toward the trajectory of future shifts. Thus, this intriguing piece of data isn’t merely a statistic – it’s a compelling snapshot, narrating an ongoing saga of technological revolution within the global data center industry.

Europe is expected to witness a CAGR of 13.7% in the data center market from 2021 to 2028.

Drawing attention to the anticipated 13.7% CAGR for the European data center market between 2021 and 2028 provides an insightful addition to the global narrative. As the global data center market races for size and supremacy, Europe’s predicted robust growth rate confirms its significant role in this story. With such dynamic expansion, Europe is not just a silent player, but a thriving participant that demonstrates the continent’s accelerating embrace of digital transformation and data-driven solutions, intensifying the overall global competition. Thus, the statistic not only underscores Europe’s potential, but also emphasizes the evolution of the data center market on a global scale.

The data center cooling market will reach over $20 billion by 2024.

As we weave through the intricate labyrinth of the global data center market size statistics, we encounter a riveting revelation. Gazing into the crystal ball of future trends, we foresee the data center cooling market blooming into a staggering $20 billion industry by 2024. This prediction is not just another number in a congested datapoint matrix, it’s a testament to the ever-evolving dynamics of the data center landscape.

Why is this significant, you ask? Now, imagine a scenario where data centers – with their insatiable appetite for power – are busily churning through countless bytes of data sans adequate cooling systems; the results could be cataclysmic. Cooling systems are the unsung heroes maintaining the equilibrium in this equation, preventing our digitized world from overheating and spiraling into chaos.

The dramatic ballooning of this sector underscores not just the relentless data explosion that we need to manage, but also the dire need for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to maintain the world’s digital heartbeat. So when we talk about a $20 billion cooling market, we are peering beyond the raw digits; we are reflecting on the sustainability of our ascent on the digital Everest.

The data center switch market is expected to reach $17.69 billion by 2023.

Drawing from the robust prediction of the data center switch market peaking at a whopping $17.69 billion by 2023, we illuminate a magnitude of financial evolution in this sector with exponential growth patterns. This audacious forecast places quintessential emphasis on the surge in global data center market size, fostering an atmosphere of curiosity and intense examination. It instills an unquenchable thirst to comprehend the underlying factors steering such monumental surge, essentially placing a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to critically dissect the influences, trends, and dynamics shaping this market.

With this statistic as a navigational compass, our exploration into the expanding universe of data center market gains depth, making our blog post a treasure chest of insights, not just for statistics savants, but for tech enthusiasts, data center solution providers, entrepreneurs and investors alike. It builds a bridge linking potent opportunities of the present to a future teeming with financial growth, technological advancements and market expansion, steering the discourse towards a pivotal intersection of information and insights.

The managed services segment of the market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR from 2020 to 2025.

Grasping the projection of the managed services segment to experience the highest CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2020 to 2025 can act as a beacon for understanding future trends in the global data center market size. This forecast suggests an imminent surge of market dominance by managed services, hinting at a strategic shift of investments and technology focus in this sector. It paints a picture of an evolving marketplace, where data centers increasingly rely on managed services for efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced productivity. In the scheme of the blog post, it could serve as a cornerstone, highlighting not only the present snapshot but the anticipated transformations in the global data center landscape.

South America is projected to grow at the highest rate in the data center market during the forecast period 2021-2026.

Forecasting South America as the region with the highest growth in the data center market between 2021-2026 serves as a significant torchbearer in the conversation about the global data center market size. This not only sheds light on the burgeoning digital transformation in South America, but it also indicates a shift in global tech dynamics.

For investors, tech companies, and entrepreneurs, these numbers present a landscape ripe with opportunities. Seeing the potential for immense growth in South America might inspire new ventures, collaborations, or re-allocation of resources for businesses operating in the data center arena.

In the cosmos of the global data market, such a statistic acts like a compass, pointing towards where the wind of digital change and growth is heading. It’s not just a casual forecast, but a clarion call for strategic decision-making and future-oriented thinking in the data center industry.

The storage segment in the data center market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 26.7% during the forecast period of 2021-2028.

Witnessing an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 26.7% in the storage segment of the data center market between 2021 and 2028 depicts a fascinating scenario. It paints a picture of an expanding digital universe, where businesses’ reliance on data is not just growing but exploding. This expansion becomes a powerful indicator of the underlying theme of our hyper-connected future, driving home the idea that storage plays a pivotal role in the data center landscape.

Moreover, this statistic casts a spotlight on an untapped gold mine, representing an upward trajectory in terms of market opportunities. It underscores the potential revenue streams for data-centric organizations, technological innovators, and investors looking to capitalize on this boom.

Additionally, the soaring growth rate underscores the emerging trends and challenges in the data-storage realm. It points towards the increasing need for advanced, efficient, and scalable storage solutions to manage the surge in data creation and consumption.

In a nutshell, this numerical prediction for the data center market serves as a compass, guiding stakeholders through the treacherous waters of the data deluge, revealing potential prospects, and demonstrating the absolute imperative for robust, future-proof storage solutions.


In conclusion, the global data center market size statistics unveil a significant progression in the industry, underlining the rapidly increasing dependency on data worldwide. While factors like evolving technology, cloud computing services, and data regulation legislation consistently shape the growth, the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of secure and robust data infrastructure as businesses shifted to remote working. With continued growth predicted, it’s evident that data centers will continue to play a pivotal role in the digital landscape. As investors, business leaders, and industry professionals, staying informed about these trends will be key to strategizing for success in a data-driven global economy.


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