Crowdfunding, an innovative financial trend, has significantly disrupted and democratized the fundraising landscape. It is a powerful tool that both startups and established enterprises are using to foster innovation, fuel growth, and bring their dreams to fruition. This blog post delves into an analysis of the burgeoning crowdfunding market. Using the most up-to-date statistics, we will not only illuminate the sheer size of this market but also shed light on evolving trends, patterns, and the potential future trajectory of crowdfunding platforms. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, or simply a curious reader, learning about the dynamic crowdfunding market size statistics can give you a deeper understanding of this revolutionary fundraising model. Buckle up as we embark on this informative journey into the world of crowdfunding.

The Latest Crowdfunding Market Size Statistics Unveiled

The global crowdfunding market was valued at $13.9 billion in 2019.

Diving into the importance of this potent figure of $13.9 billion valuation of the global crowdfunding market in 2019, it serves as a powerful beacon illuminating the exponential growth and global acceptance of crowdfunding. It’s a testament to how this alternative funding route has become a pulsating heartline in the global financial market, democratizing access to financial resources for startups and individuals alike. Anchoring its relevance to a blog post discussing crowdfunding market size statistics, it underlines the magnitude of this burgeoning market, providing readers with a lens to sift through the massive scale and influence that crowdfunding has harnessed over time.

The total worldwide volume of crowdfunding, including peer-to-peer lending, reward-based crowdfunding, equity and other types, was projected to reach over $300 billion in 2025.

Looking at the colossal $300 billion projection of the worldwide volume of crowdfunding by 2025, one can sense the magnitude and growth potential of this industry. This towering figure not merely emphasizes the surging popularity of crowdfunding mechanisms like peer-to-peer lending, reward-based crowdfunding, equity and others, but it also demonstrates how these mediums are becoming a considerable force in the financial sector. For a blog post delineating crowdfunding market size, this statistic could be the keystone, providing a high-level view of the market’s potential to captivate readers towards the astounding growth that this field is poised to witness. It underscores the fact that crowdfunding has steadily graduated from being mere alternative financing into a mainstream, robust investment channel, thereby making it an essential component of our discourse around this sector’s size and reach.

The Real Estate Crowdfunding Market was valued at $139.64 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $572.91 billion by 2030.

Painting a vivid picture of the real estate crowdfunding market, these staggering figures provide a clear trajectory of the market’s potential growth in the coming decade. The estimated expansion from $139.64 billion in 2020 to $572.91 billion by 2030 underlines an anticipated boom, fueling enthusiasm and optimism among investors and stakeholders. It not only signals the increasing popularity of the crowdfunding model in the real estate sector but also forecasts a bullish future for it. In the realm of a blog post revolving around crowdfunding market size statistics, these figures are pivotal—they anchor the discussion, lending credibility to the burgeoning importance of crowdfunding in the real estate industry.

North America dominated the crowdfunding market with a 39.35% share in 2019.

Highlighting North America’s commanding 39.35% share of the crowdfunding market in 2019 does more than just pinpoint a leader in this innovative financing sector. It underlines the potential power of the region in shaping the industry’s future. Considering North America’s influence, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy-makers worldwide could study its successful practices and challenges to generate insights. Increased understanding may spur growth in regions lagging behind, fostering a more globally balanced crowdfunding landscape. Additionally, businesses looking for crowdfunding opportunities might strategically opt for North America due to its pronounced market presence.

Chinese crowdfunding market recorded a growth rate of 59.6% year by year, reaching $8.55 billion in 2020.

Highlighting the magnificent surge of 59.6% in the Chinese crowdfunding market, ultimately hitting a stellar $8.55 billion in 2020, significantly punctuates the explosive growth trajectory of crowdfunding globally. In a vast economic canvas like China, this robust evolution is a manifestation of a potent consumer shift towards alternative finance. It’s painting a vivid picture of an increasingly confident and mature crowdfunding sector, which is powerful fodder for overall market size statistics. It not only underlines the potential of crowdfunding to shake up traditional finance models but also serves as a growth barometer for stakeholders keen on tracking global financial trends. Armed with this knowledge, blog readers can better navigate the changing landscapes of crowdfunding opportunity.

In the United States alone, crowdfunding generated $17.2 billion in 2018.

Diving into the deep waters of crowdfunding market size statistics, we plunge upon a glistening treasure: the American crowdfunding realm churned out an astounding $17.2 billion in 2018 alone. Imagine the sheer volume of creative ideas, innovative endeavors, and passionate projects this goldmine has fueled. The magnitude of this figure lights the way, tracing the staggering growth trajectory of crowdfunding and highlighting the potent network of backers ready to pool resources for promising ventures. It paints a vivid panorama of a marketplace teeming with opportunities and burgeoning potential for entrepreneurs and dreamers. So, we see this gargantuan $17.2 billion sum not merely as a statistic, but as a bold testament to the transformative power of collective investment and the democratization of funding in today’s digital age.

Businesses in the United Kingdom reportedly raised more than £4.4 billion through crowdfunding in 2019.

In the context of a blog post on crowdfunding market size statistics, the £4.4 billion raised by UK businesses in 2019 serves as a potent illustration of the immense potential of the crowdfunding sector. This staggering figure not only denotes the sheer volume of funds channeled through this innovative financing method, but also underscores the integral role of crowdfunding in empowering businesses, particularly start-ups and SMEs. Such a statistic, exemplifying the market’s nigh on exponential growth, can imbue potential investors with confidence, and inspire budding entrepreneurs to consider crowdfunding as a viable financial avenue. By capturing the meteoric rise of crowdfunding in the UK market, this stat simultaneously provides a benchmark for international comparisons, and predicts a bright future for the industry. It is a testament to the power of collective financial backing, and a promise of immense potential for both businesses and investors.

The global crowdfunding market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16% from 2020 to 2025.

The towering projection of a 16% CAGR for the global crowdfunding market from 2020 to 2025 casts a compelling light on the dynamism and potential of this sector. This striking forecast not only underscores crowdfunding’s profound impact on altering traditional financial and entrepreneurial landscapes, but also heralds profound opportunities for investors, startups, and various other stakeholders. Thus, in the context of a blog post about crowdfunding market size statistics, this rapid rate of growth signals the importance of closely observing and understanding the dynamics of this market. Indeed, it serves as a key navigation beacon for anyone looking to explore, invest, or establish in the burgeoning realm of crowdfunding.

In Australia, the crowdfunding sector was worth $10 Billion in 2020.

Highlighting the $10 billion valuation of Australia’s crowdfunding sector in 2020 serves as a potent testament to the vibrant growth and enormous potential that this financing method holds. It etches a striking image of the significant foothold that crowdfunding has established in just a few years, further evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity around this innovative funding landscape. The enormity of this figure evidently points towards a burgeoning market, underscoring the relevance, significance, and future prospects of crowdfunding in today’s technology-driven world. Therefore, featuring this impressive statistic would make any discussion about crowdfunding market size considerably more substantial and riveting.

Most crowdfunding platforms are in North America (3752 out of 6856 global platforms) as of 2019 data.

Entwining the majority of crowdfunding platforms operating in North America in a nutshell, this solidifies the continent’s dominance in the global crowdfunding market, holding a staggering 3752 out of 6856 platforms globally, according to the 2019 data. This sets the stage for North America’s pivotal role in the global crowdfunding landscape. In a tapestry where each thread represents a crowdfunding platform, over half of those threads are woven in North America, painting a picture of a continent thriving as the world’s crowdfunding fortress. Exploring such a statistic is essential in a blog post about crowdfunding market size, as it offers readers a macro perspective on the geographical distribution of crowdfunding activity. It provides a context as sturdy as a lighthouse guiding a ship, giving readers a cardinal point to anchor their understanding of the worldwide crowdfunding market.

According to the World Bank, crowdfunding could reach $96 billion per year in developing countries by 2025.

Unveiling the magnitude of the crowdfunding phenomenon, this World Bank prediction points to a transformative shift in financing dynamics within emerging economies. By forecasting an approximate $96 billion per year for developing countries by 2025, it underscores the critical role that crowdfunding is poised to play in filling up the financial void in these territories. This projection is not only pivotal for understanding the growing footprint of crowdfunding, but also for setting the stage in our discussion about crowdfunding market size statistics. As such, analysts, investors, and entrepreneurs reading this blog would likely be keenly interested in this impressive potential marketplace, simultaneously underlining crowdfunding’s surging relevance and its rippling impact on global economic growth.

Over 87% of crowdfunding market volume was generated by lending model crowdfunding in 2020.

Delving into the intriguing realm of crowdfunding, one simply cannot overlook the dominance of the lending model, as it bolstered an astounding 87% of the market volume in 2020. This nugget of information serves as a lighthouse, illuminating the scale and significance of lending model crowdfunding in the ocean of the overall market. In the embroidery of a blog post focused on crowdfunding market size statistics, this fact functions as a vibrant thread, weaving through the narrative to highlight not only the predominance of this model but also leading readers to further exploration about influencing factors and future predictions. Simply put, it sets the stage for a detailed evaluation of the industry’s dynamics, manifesting as a crucial pivot around which the discussion of crowdfunding market intricacies can revolve.

In 2019, crowdfunding campaigns for businesses were successful 22.4% of the time.

Residing at the pivot point of the crowdfunding market trends, the intriguing facet of a 22.4% success rate of business-related crowdfunding ventures during 2019 forms a key part of the narrative around market size. This snapshot into the market dynamics not only showcases the tangible potential for success within crowdfunding but also teases out the gravity of competition, acting as a touchstone for hopeful entrepreneurs. This data, however, is not just a statistic of interest; it is a compass guiding individuals and businesses on the arduous journey towards funding success. Possessing such knowledge empowers campaign creators to understand and navigate the landscape of crowdfunding with an informed perspective.

In 2019, the highest reported crowdfunding campaign raised $20.3 million dollars.

Highlighting the record-breaking $20.3 million raised by a single crowdfunding campaign in 2019 revolutionizes our understanding of the potential of crowdfunding platforms. It is a powerful testament to the expanding capabilities and reach of this innovative funding methodology. This unprecedented figure serves as a lighthouse – it illuminates the vast fiscal oceans through which many start-ups, businesses, and individuals navigate. Essentially, it fuels the aspiration of both existing and potential crowdfunders, proving that the crowdfunding platform is a formidable tool when effectively harnessed.

Equity-based crowdfunding was the most popular crowd funding model in Europe, holding 20% of the total market in 2019.

Unveiling the appeal of the statistic ‘Equity-based crowdfunding holding 20% of the total market in Europe in 2019’ in a blog post about crowdfunding market size statistics throws the spotlight on a potent narrative. For one, it showcases the popularity of this fundraising method, implying a thriving crowdfunding market in Europe. This narrative not only gives potential investors insight about the most favored type of crowdfunding but also paints a picture of an industry trend. It gives entrepreneurs an idea of where to stake their claim and what kind of investments to pursue for their startups or expanding ventures. This statistic also serves as a testament to the growing confidence in equity-based crowdfunding, which could inspire further exploration and future discussions about why this form of crowdfunding overshadows others.


In summary, the crowdfunding market size statistics illuminate a rapidly growing industry that is revolutionizing the world of finance. With a continual upwards trajectory, it’s a clear indication that more people globally are finding value in alternative funding sources. This underlines the opportunities open for entrepreneurs, inventors, and dreamers looking for funding, as well as for investors keen to tap into novel, innovative projects. However, as we navigate this largely unchartered territory, it’s essential to stay informed, understand the trends, and consider the implications surrounding this evolving landscape. If utilized effectively, crowdfunding presents enormous potential for initiating change, fostering entrepreneurship, and further democratizing the world of finance. Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to monitor the pulse of the crowdfunding market.


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