If you’re familiar with the fast-paced world of business, you’ll agree that efficiency, automation, and accuracy in sales operations can make or break success. This is where Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software steps in, playing a pivotal role in streamlining the sales process. But just how big is the CPQ market and what potential does it hold for businesses today? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the recent CPQ market size statistics, shedding light on the remarkable growth, trends, and future prospects it presents. Understanding these details can be a game-changer whether you’re involved in a startup venture, managing an established business, or are simply curious about upcoming market trends. Whether you are a seasoned industry player or a newbie looking to explore, get ready to discover the fascinating world of CPQ through the lens of insightful statistics.

The Latest Cpq Market Size Statistics Unveiled

The global CPQ application suites market is expected to reach $2.28 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 13.1%.

Forecasting a global CPQ application suites market worth of $2.28 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 13.1%, paints a picture of an industry experiencing significant, sustained growth. This bold prediction underscores the prospective wealth and opportunities that this burgeoning sector has to offer. For readers of a blog post fixated on market size statistics, this fact serves as a beacon of potential, illuminating the path towards a more lucrative tomorrow. The anticipated growth rate offers both present stakeholders and future investors a measure of the robustness and magnetic attraction of this rising market. It beckons them to understand, engage and invest in the CPQ sector, thus, fueling their strategies and decisions.

North America is anticipated to hold the largest CPQ market size, amounting to roughly 45% of the total market.

Illuminating the prospects of the CPQ market, it’s crucial to underscore North America’s pivotal role. This region distinctly outstrips others, claiming an impressive 45% of the global market size. Flighting such numbers not only pinpoints this region as a formidable player, but also sets the stage for potential business opportunities and trends within the CPQ sector. Furthermore, it provides a yardstick for comparing market dynamics across different geographies. This intersection of geography and market share, hence, offers invaluable insights into the global CPQ business landscape.

The CPQ market in APAC is projected to grow the fastest at a CAGR of 15.5% between 2021 and 2027.

Diving deep into the realm of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) market statistics, one is bound to stumble upon a captivating forecast: a predicted CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 15.5% in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region between 2021 and 2027. Now, why should this catch your attention, and more importantly, why does it hold a prominent place in the broader conversation about CPQ market size?

Firstly, a remarkable CAGR such as this communicates an anticipatory, dramatic surge in the adoption and growth of CPQ software solutions within the APAC region. This is more than just a number; it’s a testament to the region’s appetite for optimized and automated sales processes and the manifesting benefits of CPQ tools. It’s like watching a kaleidoscope and the colors beginning to whirl – suggesting a vibrant, dynamic future for CPQ vendors in the APAC market.

Moreover, this projection speaks volumes about the potential that lies within the APAC market. It’s a clarion call to global CPQ providers to strategize their market penetration efforts in the region. It’s like spotting a constellation in the night sky, a guiding direction that CPQ vendors should be targeting in their journey to global expansion.

The surge, this anticipated growth rate, it tells a story of change, of evolution, and of potential. It subtly hints at a promising future, making this stat not just relevant, but the crux of understanding the CPQ market size panorama.

By 2027, the global cloud-based CPQ software market size will reach $841.1 Million.

Foreseeing a future where the cloud-based CPQ software market expands to a whopping $841.1 Million by 2027, underscores the growing dynamism and potential growth in this sector. It sets the stage for opportunity-seekers, investors, and innovators to understand how significant cloud-based CPQ solutions may become in the burgeoning digital landscape. Stepping into a world where technology dictates the pace, this projected market size suggests remarkable opportunities for businesses to leverage, signaling a shift no market watcher can afford to overlook.

Manufacturing to hold the largest share of CPQ market by end-user vertical during the forecast period, accounting for roughly 30%.

Showcasing the dominance of the manufacturing industry in the CPQ market, the statistic underlines some key market forces. The anticipation that manufacturing will account for a massive 30% of the CPQ market should command attention in a discussion about CPQ market size statistics. As it represents a significant proportion, this hints at the substantial adoption of CPQ solutions in this sector, likely driven by the complex nature of product configurations and pricing structures prevalent in manufacturing. Consequently, this finding illuminates the sectors that are finding the most value in CPQ technology, and sends a clear signal to CPQ vendors about where the majority of their target market lies.

The CPQ software sector in Europe is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.2% through 2027.

Painting a clear picture of the industry’s trajectory, the anticipated 13.2% CAGR growth of the CPQ software sector in Europe through 2027 underlines the momentous potential this market embodies. These numbers forge a roadmap for business owners, potential investors, and stakeholders, illuminating a persuasive growth narrative. Hence, anyone contemplating venturing into this realm or those already immersed in it can harness this statistical insight to shape their strategic decisions, forecast trends, and align their operational tactics accordingly. Ultimately, this single statistic serves as a power-packed testament of the coming expansions, investments, and technological advancements, making it an indispensable guide for anyone vested in the CPQ market’s future.

The software segment is expected to dominant the CPQ market with a 70% share by 2027.

In the grand orchestra of the CPQ market, the statistic that the software segment might rule with a 70% share by 2027 strikes a noteworthy tune. It is the keynote that guides other market features. This forecast intimates that software could become the maestro that conducts the symphony of growth in the CPQ market. By 2027, it’s like software will be the sun, with rest of the CPQ market sectors held in its gravitational pull. The richness of this detail enriches the overall picture of the CPQ market size statistics, making it an essential thread in the tapestry of the blog post’s narrative.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) segment is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 14.7% by 2027 in the CPQ market.

The illumination of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) segment’s expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.7% reaching into 2027, functions as a compass pointing towards extensive growth in the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) market. This prediction uncovers the latent potential within the SME sector set to unfurl in the coming years. Essentially, this projected upswing signifies that there will be a surge in the uptake of CPQ solutions amongst SMEs, an indicator that business models are becoming more sophisticated and in tune with technological advancements, particularly in streamlining sales processes.

This projection doesn’t just signify growth, but teases an evolving landscape within the CPQ market space, opening doors for new product developments, service optimization, and targeted marketing strategies to cater to the burgeoning needs of the SMEs.

Furthermore, from a competitive standpoint, businesses looking to dive into the CPQ market or expand their portfolio, may view this as a signal to focus their resources and innovations geared towards SMEs as the sector proliferate drastically towards 2027. This single statistic, therefore, paints a comprehensive picture of both current market conditions and the projected state of the CPQ market in the years ahead, providing data-driven insights for decision-making in business and investment.

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of the global CPQ market, expected to increase by 13.4% in 2020.

In a world grappling with an unprecedented health crisis, one marked phenomenon stands out: the ascendancy of the global CPQ market. The ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic reverberate throughout the global economy, but some sectors ride the wave more significantly than others. For CPQ market, a column of strength rises amid tumult, with projected growth of 13.4% in the year 2020.

In the context of the CPQ market size statistics, this percentage is highly consequential. The reason, like a web spun by a masterful spider, is intricate and multifaceted. The CPQ market benefits from the chaos and compensates for the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses, in their bid to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, seek out solutions for remote work, efficient sales management and optimisation of business operations. CPQ software fits this niche perfectly.

This precipitous jump in growth is a clear marker of the shift in business dependency on technology and their routines away from traditional modes of operations. Therefore, this growth statistic anchors the blog post by connecting the global impact of the pandemic to the adaptation and evolution of businesses and the CPQ market. Such numbers don’t just mean ‘growth’; they represent resilience, adaptability, and the power of innovation amid crisis.

By 2023, AI-Enabled CPQ software will account for 35% of the total CPQ market.

Delving into the projection that by 2023, AI-Enabled CPQ software will account for 35% of the total CPQ market, we uncover a vibrant tapestry of industry trends and strategic foresight. As the digital market continues to evolve at a rapid pace, this statistic serves as a compelling testament to the ascent of artificial intelligence. Within the realm of CPQ software, AI’s emerging dominance reveals the ongoing technological revolution and its potential to reshape the competitive landscape.

In the constellation of a blog post about CPQ market size statistics, this specific projection illuminates the anticipation of a burgeoning AI trend. It serves as a beacon, signaling the market’s trajectory towards high-tech, smart solutions. With nearly a third of the market predicted to be AI-Enabled CPQ software, it’s clear that staying ahead of this trend is vital for companies wishing to maintain competitive edge.

Furthermore, beyond just pointing to a market trend, this statistic prompts a critical examination of the underlying factors. AI, with its promise to increase efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability, is escalating in significance within the CPQ scope. Therefore, the statistic ultimately underlines a need for both software developers and users to comprehend and utilize the power of AI, forever changing the way we view CPQ market and its future.

Latin America’s CPQ market is predicted to reach $150 million by 2027.

In the backdrop of a blog post spotlighting CPQ market size statistics, the forecast of Latin America’s CPQ market rocketing to $150 million by 2027 brings a gust of anticipated dynamism. It not only sketches out a timeline for growth in the region, but also uncovers burgeoning opportunities for businesses to tap into. Furthermore, it underpins a key narrative of diverse geographical market potential and the evolving prominence of CPQ solutions across different regions. This prediction remains a vital barometer to gauge the rapidly transforming landscape of the CPQ industry, as it adds a future-looking dimension to the statistics, propelling readers to grasp the magnitude and growth prospects of this market segment.

The automobile sector is expected to show the highest CAGR in the CPQ market with a growth rate of 16.1% by 2027.

Peering into the future of CPQ market trends, one can’t help but notice the accelerating pulse of the automobile sector. An anticipated growth surge of 16.1% by 2027 underscores the potential power of this sector in the CPQ market. Amidst the sea of numbers, this data point stands prominent, serving as a beacon guiding auto industry stakeholders towards ample growth opportunities in the CPQ arena. It also paints a picture of increased automation, efficiency, and proactive quote management in the auto-industry’s horizon, courtesy of CPQ applications. So, for the fervent reader deciphering the matrix of CPQ market size statistics, this particular statistic rings with significant resonance.

Cloud services stand as the biggest contributor in the CPQ market and it is predicted to maintain its dominancy with more than 60% share by 2027.

Highlighting the significant role of cloud services in the CPQ market underpins its undeniable importance. With a predicted influence covering over 60% of the CPQ market landscape by 2027, cloud services aren’t just leading the race, they’re setting an aggressive pace that everyone else ought to keep up with. Speckling a blog post about CPQ market size statistics with this crucial data point, the magnitude of advancement the CPQ sector could envisage through cloud services is laid bare. Not only does this statistic illuminate the present impact of cloud services, but it also casts light on future trends, thereby serving as a profound strategy tool for businesses to steer their CPQ market decisions.


In the dynamic digital era, the CPQ market unequivocally broadcasts promising growth. The compelling statistics surrounding CPQ market size signal its potential as a magnet for robust, streamlined business operations. This upward trajectory is no mere fluke, but a reflection of changing times which demand better efficiency, accuracy, and speed in quote-to-cash processes. Advancements in cloud technology and the explosion in e-commerce only serve to cement CPQ’s position as an indispensable tool. As we step into a future where digitization and automation continue to dominate, CPQ solutions will undeniably remain a steadfast player in the bid to stay competitive.


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