The rapidly evolving world of digital media has seen the rise of podcasts as a dominant force in content consumption. As one of the leading platforms in this industry, Apple Podcasts has become a powerhouse of diverse audio content, catering to millions of listeners worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Apple Podcast statistics, uncovering listener demographics, popular genres, and trends that are shaping the way we consume audio content today.

Whether you’re a podcast creator or listener, these insights will help you navigate the booming podcast landscape and stay ahead of the game. So, sit back, grab your earbuds, and let’s dive into the numbers that make Apple Podcasts the go-to hub for audio enthusiasts everywhere.

The Latest Apple Podcast Statistics Unveiled

Apple Podcasts features over 2 million podcasts.

Diving into the realm of Apple Podcast Statistics, one cannot overlook the staggering figure of 2 million podcasts showcased on Apple Podcasts. This astronomical number not only reflects the platform’s power to capture the multifaceted array of content but also demonstrates the vast ocean of opportunities that await creators, listeners, and advertisers alike.

By grasping the significance of such a diverse offering in the rapidly expanding podcast ecosystem, readers of a blog post on Apple Podcast Statistics will gain valuable insights into the potential impact, opportunities, and market trends presented by this colossal digital audio landscape.

Apple Podcasts is available in 175 countries.

Highlighting the availability of Apple Podcasts in a staggering 175 countries serves to emphasize the extensive global reach and influence this platform possesses. By featuring this statistic in a blog post centered around Apple Podcast Statistics, readers can gain a panoramic understanding of how Apple Podcasts is not just an ordinary platform but a dominant force in shaping and catering to diverse listening preferences across the world.

This vast coverage is a testament to their commitment to provide seamless podcast consumption, demonstrating the immense potential for content creators to target an international audience and for advertisers to strategically position themselves globally.

In 2020, more than 30% of podcast listeners in the US used Apple Podcasts.

As we delve into the world of Apple Podcast Statistics, it’s quite riveting to uncover that in the bustling year of 2020, an impressive 30% of podcast enthusiasts from the United States opted for Apple Podcasts as their audio companion. This fascinating detail paints a vivid picture of how Apple’s platform has left an indelible marker in the podcasting industry, reflecting the platform’s consistent performance in delivering quality content and seamless user experience to a diverse and discerning audience with voracious appetites for enriching auditory gems.

Apple Podcasts represents 29.8% of global podcast listening.

Delving into the world of Apple Podcast Statistics, one cannot disregard the substantial impact of Apple Podcasts, which commands 29.8% of the global audience for podcast listening. Imagine being in a room full of 100 podcast enthusiasts; it would mean that nearly 30 of those individuals predominantly engage with Apple Podcasts. This striking figure emphasizes the platform’s influence in the ever-growing podcast industry and highlights its role in shaping listening habits, content discovery, and future trends.

Furthermore, it serves as a sturdy foundation upon which any discussion surrounding Apple Podcast statistics can be built. As creators, marketers, and connoisseurs of podcasts navigate through this exciting realm, such a powerful metric provides valuable insights, making it vital to this exploration.

62% of iOS users listen to podcasts using the Apple Podcasts app.

Diving into the realm of Apple Podcast statistics, one cannot overlook a striking revelation – a significant 62% of iOS users choose the Apple Podcasts app as their go-to hub for tuning in to podcasts. This compelling figure speaks volumes of the app’s prominence and influence, potentially shaping user habits, advertising spends, and content strategies. Delving deeper into this fascinating world, we uncover the myriad of ways Apple’s Podcasts app is enmeshed within the daily lives of its users – a testament to its vital role in shaping the podcast landscape.

Apple Podcasts gives creators access to more than 1 billion devices.

In a world where virtual audience reach is paramount, envision the staggering potential of tapping into over 1 billion devices through Apple Podcasts. This prodigious figure accentuates the immense power and exposure that podcast creators can harness, skyrocketing their content to a diverse range of listeners worldwide. By incorporating this jaw-dropping statistic into a blog post about Apple Podcast Statistics, one can truly captivate and enlighten the audience on the boundless opportunities that lie within Apple’s network for podcast aficionados, amplifying their chance to make a resounding impact in the podcasting realm.

Apple Podcasts allows listing up to 300 episodes per show.

Diving into the fascinating world of Apple Podcast Statistics, one cannot overlook the remarkable fact that Apple Podcasts permits featuring up to a staggering 300 episodes per show. This numerical gem undoubtedly amplifies opportunities for both creators and listeners, unfurling a massive canvas for a diverse array of content to be produced, explored, and savored. Envision how this tantalizing number truly revs up the engine of innovation for podcast creators, granting them the freedom to unleash their creativity without the looming restraint of limited episode counts.

The lush landscape of 300 available episodes brims with possibilities and is a testament to Apple’s commitment to the ongoing evolution and growth of the podcasting sphere. So, dear reader, let’s celebrate this delightful statistic as we delve deeper into the enthralling realm of Apple Podcast insights.

43.7% of podcasts are downloaded through Apple Podcasts.

Diving into the world of Apple Podcast Statistics, one cannot overlook the striking figure of 43.7% – representing the lion’s share of podcast downloads occurring through Apple Podcasts. This vital piece of information accentuates the dominance and influence wielded by Apple in the ever-growing podcast landscape. Not only does this number paint a vivid picture of listeners’ preference for the platform, but it also highlights the immense opportunity for content creators, advertisers, and podcast enthusiasts to tap into this thriving market, making it an essential cornerstone for the blog post on the subject.

Apple Podcasts’ share of podcast streaming has declined from 80% to 50%.

As we delve into the fascinating realm of Apple Podcast statistics, an intriguing trend surfaces. Despite once reigning in the podcasting kingdom with a commanding hold of 80%, Apple Podcasts’ share of streaming has witnessed an intriguing shift, descending to a mere 50%. This noteworthy transformation beckons a closer examination as it reflects a potential shift in the podcast landscape, evoking curiosity about the evolving preferences of listeners, competing platforms, and alterations in Apple’s podcast strategy.

In uncovering the reasons behind this metamorphosis, we can forge a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play in the world of podcast consumption and ultimately unravel the mysteries of Apple Podcasts’ influence on this thriving and ever-expanding medium.

Apple launched its Podcasts app in 2012.

Diving into the realm of Apple Podcast Statistics, it’s pivotal to point our attention towards a significant milestone in the timeline of audio storytelling. Back in 2012, amidst growing demands for diverse content, Apple astutely launched its very own Podcasts app. This remarkable step not only fueled the podcasting industry’s exponential growth, but also enabled content creators to reach millions of avid listeners around the globe.

With this in mind, our pursuit to understand Apple Podcast Statistics takes on a fresh significance as we explore its contemporary impact on listening trends and user engagement, ultimately helping us appreciate the phenomenon that this 2012 breakthrough has become.

Apple Podcasts started to support-app podcast analytics in 2017.

Diving into the world of Apple Podcast Statistics, one cannot overlook the pivotal moment in 2017 when Apple Podcasts integrated support for in-app podcast analytics. This groundbreaking change served as a catalyst, empowering podcast creators to gain valuable insights into their listener base.

With a wealth of data at their fingertips, content producers can now identify trending topics, curate highly targeted content, and ultimately propel the podcasting community forward at an unprecedented pace. In essence, Apple Podcasts’ foray into analytics in 2017 has been instrumental in shaping current podcast trends and setting the stage for future podcasting innovation.

60% of “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast downloads were from Apple Podcasts.

Delving into the world of Apple Podcast statistics, imagine this intriguing fact: over half, precisely 60%, of “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast downloads found their origin in Apple Podcasts. It’s a marvelous insight that reflects the listeners’ preferences and the all-encompassing reach of Apple’s sphere. Within the context of our blog post, this valuable nugget of information not only showcases the undeniable prevalence of Apple Podcasts among users but also ensures that advertisers and content creators recognize the platform’s potential as a superior choice for podcast distribution and consumption.

Undoubtedly, this is a testament to the unyielding bond between Apple Podcasts and podcast enthusiasts, ever committed to offering and enjoying top-tier audio content of the likes of “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

In 2019, Apple acquired podcast startup Scout FM.

“In light of the 2019 acquisition of podcast startup Scout FM, Apple showcases its unwavering commitment to enhancing the podcast landscape. This strategic move not only signifies Apple’s dedicated pursuit of growth and innovation in the podcasting realm, but also paves the way for potential advancements in podcast content, discovery, and user experience within the Apple Podcast ecosystem.”

To submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts, users must have a valid Apple ID.

Delving into the realm of Apple Podcast Statistics, one cannot overlook the significance of a valid Apple ID requirement for podcast submission. This pivotal criterion sets the stage for an intriguing connection between Apple’s vast user base and the podcast landscape.

As every submission hinges upon owning an Apple ID, the Podcasts platform naturally draws content creators from millions of potential contributors worldwide. Consequently, this sparks an ever-growing podcast repository covering multifarious genres, ultimately transforming Apple Podcasts into an all-encompassing hub of aural enlightenment.

Apple has a 7-day average review time for podcast submissions.

Delving into the fascinating world of Apple Podcast Statistics, it becomes crucial to highlight the 7-day average review time for podcast submissions. This intriguing piece of information lays the foundation for comprehending the time-sensitive nature of content creators’ podcast approval journey.

In a realm where fresh material is the driving force, grasping this timeline helps aspiring podcasters strategically plan their content, further enriching the listener’s experience and expanding the podcast universe. This average duration, therefore, serves as a valuable benchmark in the ever-evolving podcast landscape, reflecting Apple’s dedication to maintaining high-quality standards.

Apple Podcasts has 30 different genres for podcasts.

Delving into the vibrant realm of Apple Podcasts, one cannot overlook the astounding diversity of content offered through 30 distinct genres, each brimming with creativity. This rich assortment of categories showcases the expansive reach of the platform, drawing in listeners of all interests and tastes, thereby reinforcing Apple Podcasts’ relevance and prominence among content creators and enthusiasts alike.

Explore this kaleidoscope of audio entertainment and witness how each genre contributes to the ever-growing world of podcast statistics, painting a remarkable picture of the sheer versatility that Apple Podcasts brings to the digital realm.

Apple introduced a redesigned Podcasts app with iOS 15.

In the realm of Apple Podcast statistics, the unveiling of a revamped Podcasts app in iOS 15 holds significant bearing. As the central hub for podcast listeners within the Apple ecosystem, continuous advancements in its design and functionality undeniably alter user experiences, consumption patterns, and engagement rates. In the context of the blog post, this noteworthy statistic offers insights into how Apple’s innovative approach impacts the ever-evolving landscape of podcasting and its burgeoning global community.

In 2021, Apple Podcasts launched its in-app subscription service.

Undoubtedly, the 2021 introduction of Apple Podcasts’ in-app subscription service heralds a significant milestone in the realm of Apple Podcast Statistics. This groundbreaking development not only underscores Apple’s dedication to transforming the podcast landscape, but further solidifies the tech giant’s commitment to providing creators with alternative revenue streams.

By integrating the subscription model within the app itself, users enjoy a seamless experience, fueling exponential growth potential in Apple Podcast listener numbers and podcast industry revenues. The advent of this noteworthy statistic showcases how Apple continually raises the bar while taking vital strides to remain the frontrunner in podcast innovation.

U.S. shows make up 51% of Apple Podcasts’ content.

Examining the assertion that U.S. shows constitute 51% of Apple Podcasts’ content, we uncover a significant insight into the expansive influence of American-based programs on this popular platform. With this remarkable proportion of content generated by U.S. creators, it becomes evident that American show producers are leading the way in defining trends, shaping user preferences, and driving innovation across the podcast landscape.

Such information proves invaluable in our exploration of Apple Podcast Statistics, shedding light on the driving forces as well as the evolving cultural and regional dimensions that shape the podcasting world.

The average Apple user listens to 2–3 hours of podcasts per week.

In the realm of Apple Podcast Statistics, the intriguing revelation that the typical Apple user indulges in a 2-3 hour auditory adventure weekly sheds light on the significance of podcasts in their digital diet. This captivating data point underpins the growing appetite for audio content while accentuating the substantial role Apple Podcasts play in satiating the users’ quest for knowledge, entertainment, and personal growth. Consequently, it stands as a testament to the importance of understanding user habits and preferences when evaluating the platform’s ever-evolving success story.

There are over 10,000 podcasts by Apple on the Podcasts app.

Diving into the world of Apple Podcasts can feel like venturing through an endless ocean of audio content. With a staggering collection of over 10,000 podcasts produced by Apple itself, listeners are treated to a thriving, ever-growing hub of entertainment, information, and engagement. This impressive figure highlights Apple’s unwavering commitment to providing a diverse range of shows that cater to a vast array of interests, spanning from true crime and comedy to politics and technology.

The sheer number of podcasts created by the tech giant undoubtedly cements their position as an influential powerhouse in the podcasting industry, setting a high standard for the quality and variety of audio content available to discerning listeners worldwide.

Podcasts produced by Joe Rogan, Wondery, and the New York Times are the most popular shows on Apple Podcasts.

Diving into the realm of Apple Podcast Statistics, a fascinating discovery surfaces: Joe Rogan, Wondery, and the New York Times reign supreme in podcast popularity. The significance of this revelation lies in its potential to enlighten creators, advertisers, and even podcast enthusiasts alike. By uncovering the key players in this ever-growing domain, one can unveil insights into the recipe for success, establish potential collaborations, or simply indulge in the highly-acclaimed shows that have captured the ears and imaginations of Apple Podcast listeners.

50% of podcast listeners ages 12-34 in the US use Apple Podcasts.

In the realm of Apple Podcast Statistics, a blog post must shed light on the far-reaching influence of this platform among younger audiences. Behold the testament to its vast appeal: half of the podcast listeners aged 12-34 in the United States tune in through Apple Podcasts. This remarkable figure underscores the platform’s critical role in shaping the listening habits of a generation, driving trends and discussions among these vibrant, impressionable minds.

Only 19% of podcasts on Apple Podcasts have produced new episodes within the past 90 days.

Diving headfirst into the world of Apple Podcasts, one cannot help but marvel at the sheer number of audio creations awaiting discovery. Yet, amidst this bountiful selection, a surprising revelation offers a fresh perspective: a mere 19% of podcasts on the platform have blessed the ears of listeners with new episodes within the last 90 days.

This intriguing statistic commands attention, as it highlights the prevalent ebb and flow of the podcast landscape, helping to paint a more accurate picture of content trends and listener engagement within the platform. As such, anyone following the pulse of Apple Podcast statistics would be wise to keep an ear out for the implications of this data, providing context and depth to further discussions and analyses.


In this ever-evolving digital era, Apple Podcasts has emerged as an influential player in the podcasting landscape. With its comprehensive catalogue, extensive user base, and impressive statistics, Apple Podcasts holds immense potential for marketers, advertisers, and content creators alike. As we’ve explored in this blog post, understanding Apple Podcast statistics and staying up-to-date on trends is crucial for anyone who wants to harness the power of podcasts for their business or brand.

By tapping into this thriving platform, you can effectively engage, entertain, and educate a growing audience that embraces this popular form of media. Let Apple Podcasts be a reliable asset to amplify your voice and boost your success in the fascinating world of podcasting.


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