As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and engulf various spheres of business, its impact on email marketing cannot be undermined. This blog post aims to unearth the powerful relationship between AI and email marketing, enriched by an exhaustive list of compelling statistics to guide the uninitiated and the experienced alike. Together, we will explore how AI is revolutionizing email strategies, enhancing customer engagement, and driving conversions like never before. Delve into the world of personalized content, predictive analysis, and automating workflows as we underscore the profound significance of AI in making email marketing more efficient and effective.

The Latest Ai In Email Marketing Statistics Unveiled

AI can extend the likelihood of subscriber engagement by 14.63%.

Peeling back the layers of the statistic at hand, the influence of AI resonates as a game-changer in the realm of email marketing. A boost of 14.63% in subscriber engagement is not a minute increment, but a substantial uplift. Capturing the attention of subscribers in the overflowing inbox milieu stands as a major hurdle for marketers. Here, AI tags along as a powerful ally, paving the way to overcome this challenge. Through personalized content, predictive analysis, and efficient automation, AI makes the emails more relevant, omnisciently adapting to the user preferences and behavior. Consequently, AI fortifies the connection between the marketer and the subscriber, making the latter more prone to interact, hence the 14.63% amplification in engagement. This surge in responsiveness could mould the ultimate fate of businesses, spiraling an increase in click-through rates, conversions and overall ROI. So, imagine an email marketing strategy minus the intelligence of AI – it’s like steering a ship without a compass, isn’t it?

According to a study by Statista, global email users are expected to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024, enhancing AI’s role in email marketing.

Drilling deeper into the intriguing arena of AI in email marketing, this forward-looking statistic paints a vivid picture. By projecting the expansion of global email users to a whopping 4.48 billion by 2024, as per Statista’s study, it inevitably ignites the spotlight on AI’s pivotal role in email marketing. With the surge in potential email recipients, the power of AI to customize, segment, and optimize emails becomes more pertinent than ever, bolstering the case for leveraging AI in email marketing strategies. This swelling user base reinforces the need for more intelligent and personalized marketing tactics that AI aptly addresses. The statistic, thereby, provides a promising context for AI in email marketing, emphasizing the need for bloggers, marketers, and businesses to keep an eye on this future trend.

72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, positioning AI in email marketing as significant.

The illuminated statistic of 72% preference for promotional content via email casts a dazzling spotlight on the indelible role AI continues to play in email marketing. This vivid metric epitomizes the tug of gravity that email marketing exerts on potential consumers, poignantly underscoring the significance of incorporating AI in this field. This revelation, like a key to a complex cipher, helps to decode the enigma surrounding consumer behavior and curates the roadmap for leveraging AI, thereby offering a strategic edge to marketers who poised to ride this transformative wave.

AI assists in email marketing’s global return on investment, coming up at an average of $38 for every $1 spent.

From a marketer’s lens, the striking revelation of AI bolstering email marketing’s global ROI to a stunning average of $38 for each $1 spent becomes an irresistible piece of data. Possessing persuasive significance, this metric is a testament to the game-changing role of AI in enhancing the email marketing landscape. It magnifies the monumental marketing payoff achieved by infusing AI into email marketing tactics. So, when discussing AI in email marketing statistics, this figure stands as a pivotal cornerstone, illustrating the immense cost-effectiveness and conversion potential that AI holds for businesses globally. It echoes the transformative power of AI to turn every marketing dollar into a multi-fold profit and invites readers to imagine the potential earnings vested in the integration of AI technology into their email marketing strategies.

80% of marketers saw an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months, and AI played a key role in it.

Illuminating the path to insight, this statistic distinctly paints a picture of the growing influence of AI in email marketing, with a striking 80% of marketers acknowledging an escalation in email engagement in the past year. It underscores AI’s transformative role in enhancing personalized and time-optimized emails, predictive analysis, and customer’s behavior tracking to ensure the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This number serves as a compelling testament to the critical integration of AI in email marketing, leading a revolution in the industry by providing intelligent solutions and creating impactful engagements with customers. Thus, for marketers looking to boost their performance metrics, the promise held within this statistic is simply too potent to ignore.

Approximately 51% of marketers currently use AI, and an additional 27% are even expected to incorporate this technology by 2022.

The statistic paints a compelling picture of AI’s burgeoning importance in the marketing realm, where over half of the players are already harnessing its power. These early adopters reveal a trend of forward-thinking strategies among marketers, who aim to tailor their campaigns with more precision, deliver more personalised content, and effectively gauge recipient engagement levels. The additional 27% primed to join the AI realm by 2022 amplifies this statement, showing a steady surge in AI adoption. It’s therefore not just a statistic, it’s a testament to a world that’s rapidly embracing AI’s transformative potential in email marketing. This journey to increased AI incorporation forecasts a future where personalised, data-driven marketing strategies become the norm, and lagging behind is not an option.

63% of global marketers consider AI’s ability in real-time personalized communication as a key breakthrough in email campaigns.

Highlighting this statistic provides a powerful testament to AI’s burgeoning importance in the sphere of email marketing. The impressive figure of 63% underscores the potential AI holds in molding effective communication strategies. Acting as a catalyst for real-time personalized communication, AI is acknowledged as a key breakthrough by a significant majority of global marketers. By spotlighting this statistic, we underline an urgent trend in marketing and reaffirm the imperative of embracing innovative technology to retain competitive edge. This insight contributes to a compelling narrative that the future of email marketing is inextricably linked to the incorporation of AI, magnifying the argument for its wider acceptance.

Among successful B2B marketers, 77% say AI is their primary tool for personalized email campaign engagement.

Highlighting this statistic provides compelling evidence that AI is not merely a contemporary fad in the B2B marketing sphere. Rather, an overwhelming majority of triumphant marketers are utilizing it as their main mechanism for tailoring email campaigns. This implies that the adoption of AI substantially enhances the personalization strategy, likely resulting in improved engagement. Therefore, those aspiring for success in this field can harness AI’s power to tailor their emails and optimize customer engagement. It serves as a guiding beacon for marketers, illuminating the path leading to enhanced customer interaction and overall success.

AI in the email industry could see a market reach of $2.1 billion by 2023.

Envision a rapidly evolving landscape of email marketing where AI not only maximizes efficiency but also explores highly personalized ways to reach target audiences. With a forecasted market size of $2.1 billion by 2023, this projection illustrates a boundless potential for AI-enhanced email marketing. This growth trajectory offers a striking testament to AI’s transformative capabilities in this realm. Moreover, it sparks a thought-provoking conversation about both the prospective challenges and the multitude of strides to be made in shaping the future of email industry.

59% of marketers use AI in email marketing for better data analysis.

Delving into the heart of this statistic reveals an intriguing revelation for the subject of our blog post on AI in email marketing. Clearly, a significant majority, in fact, almost 60% of marketers, incorporate AI in their email marketing strategies. Why? The driving force is rather compelling – it’s all about smarter, more precise data analytics.

In the incredibly competitive field of marketing, overlooking the role of data analytics could be a dire misstep. AI, with its flair for advanced and detailed analysis, ensures marketers circumnavigate this pitfall. Therefore, this statistic highlights the growing trust and reliance on AI within the industry, giving readers an insight into the current trends and practices when it comes to the convergence of AI with email marketing. It’s no mere number, rather a loud testament to AI’s impact in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.


The integration of AI in email marketing has undoubtedly reshaped this domain, streamlining strategies and maximizing the potential for user engagement and conversions. As the statistics highlighted in this blog post reveal, the power of AI in email marketing signifies more than just a trend, it offers a more personalized and highly targeted approach to reach customers. As we navigate further into this digital era, businesses that leverage the profound capabilities of AI stand a better chance of propelling their email marketing efforts to new heights and realizing unparalleled growth and efficiency. It’s no longer a question of if AI will become an integral part of email marketing; it already is. The question is – are you ready to harness its potential and stay ahead of the curve?


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